A growing trend among our customers is for vintage-looking custom engagement rings. Call it the Hollywood effect, or loving that gorgeous antique ring your grandmother is wearing, the vintage look is definitely hot and not going out of style. Here are some vintage (and vintage-inspired) celebrity rings that are both timeless and oh-so-modern:

The ever-fashionable Kate Moss sports a diamond sparkler from the 1920’s on her ring finger, and threw a lavish “Great Gatsby” themed wedding to highlight her love of all things vintage.







We just love the romantic feel of Art-Deco style engagement rings like Christina Applegate and Scarlett Johansson’s (pictured right), with clusters of small round diamonds and lots of hand-engraved detailing.






Want to add a “pop” of color to your diamond ring? How about including some color stones like Rubies, Sapphires or Emeralds to the setting?
Ashlee Simpson’s love, Evan Ross, surprised her with a custom, one-of-a-kind engagement ring featuring more than 140 white diamonds and small red Rubies.




Actress Olivia Wilde’s gorgeous engagement ring from Jason Sudeikis features a Round Brilliant Cut center diamond surrounded by a halo of green Emeralds, set in yellow & white gold.





Actress Jessica Biel’s stunning engagement ring from Justin Timberlake, in a halo style, also includes two aquamarines (her birthstone) in the design.