Should you buy a Tungsten wedding band?


With the recent increase in gold prices, more and more of our customers – particularly men – are asking us about alternative metals. Tungsten can seem like an easy way to save money on wedding bands. But while tungsten might be great for hardware and construction, it’s not so great for jewelry.


Tungsten: Don’t drop it!

As a metal, tungsten is considered very strong because it’s highly resistant to scratching, which can make it seem like a perfect wedding band option. But while tungsten is hard, it’s also brittle. If you drop your tungsten ring, it can actually break in half! One of our customers learned this the hard way: while shaking his hands off in the sink, his brand new tungsten band flew off his fingers, shattering into pieces. And this happened only a month after the wedding — it’s never reassuring to see the symbol of your union broken in half! Even the hardness of tungsten can be a problem. Tungsten is difficult to engrave, and it can’t be re-sized. So while it’s a cheap metal, it’s hardly the material for a lifelong piece of jewelry.


In summary: Do we recommend tungsten for men’s wedding bands? In a word, “no.”